Fort Jackson Program



About the Center
The Center provides a range of learning opportunities for adults through evening classes on campuses at Claflin University in Orangeburg and in Fort Jackson. Adult students are offered bachelors degrees in two programs:

  • Organizational Management
  • Criminal Justice

These degrees qualify graduates to pursue a variety of career opportunities as business owners, teachers, professors, senior law enforcement officials, company and corporate managers, bankers, counselors and health care administrators, just to name a few. Students in cohort classes meet for 8 hours per week for 5 weeks (4 + 4 hours) in which four (4) hours of directed group instruction is given for 3 hours of credit per course. General education classes in this program meet for 8 hours per week for 5 ½ weeks for which students earn 3 hours of credit.

About Our Students
Claflin University’s degree completion programs are designed for non-traditional students 22 years of age and older. Many of our students are busy working adults who want to be more qualified and  competitive in today’s job market. These are individuals who understand that higher education, especially a four-year college degree, gives them professional status and a major step up in earning a higher salary, securing stable employment and having a wider range of career options. A number of our graduates also go on to earn graduate degrees. Some are even invited to teach in the Center’s programs!

Your Life-Time University
Claflin University’s Center for Professional and Continuing Studies and Graduate Programs is here to assist you in achieving academic, professional and personal success. We look forward to hearing from you and serving you as your Life-Time University.

Filling out our application is fast and easy. We invite you to enroll at Claflin University because – The World Needs Visionaries